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‘Bumbles and Lou: A Coat of Love’ is a gentle rhyming book that shows the importance of kindness and tolerance whilst expressing the value of standing up for what is right.

Emilie Szasz-Frank

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Bumbles and Lou 


“Fitting in can be difficult when you are different, and Ladybird Lou knows this well. She is a ladybird with no spots amongst a school class of confident little critters. But a friendship with a fierce, kind little bumble bee could change everything…”

“There were crocus and crab apples decorating the tables,

And a very old snail telling fables

What a wonderful, beautiful party! Lou exclaimed

It really doesn’t matter if nobody else came.

But in her heart, it did,

The idea of nobody coming made her feel sick (…)"

- - - About - - - 

Emilie Szasz-Frank has always loved to write. She lives in an old converted pub with her husband, two exceptionally perfect, funny and strong daughters, two old lady cats and a granny. 

Before she became a published author, Emilie studied dentistry with a sprinkling of medicine. After that, just to shake things up, she went back to study and got her Masters degree in cancer research. 

Throughout all this Emilie would write short stories to soothe her soul, understanding the positive impact and importance that storytelling can have on lives. That is how the love of writing began.

It wasn’t until 2021 when her eldest daughter tearily asked her why? and what could she do? in response to the tragic murder of George Floyd, that the story of a fierce little bee who stands up for what is right was created. It was conceived to give as a gift to her two daughter as a way of arming them against injustice and showing them that their privilege should be used to fight for others who aren’t seen or heard and those treated shamefully by society.

The story was intended for their eyes only but having attempted to illustrate it herself she quickly realized that a professional illustrator would enrich the gift and make it special. It was the illustrator, feeling the story was exceptional and should be read by a wider audience, who submitted it to a publisher, and the rest is history!

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